December 16: Celeriac

Celariac - Sophie Conran

Celeriac must be one of the least exotic looking vegetables, with its brown wrinkly exterior and lumpen demeanour, it also suffers from several terrible names (my favourite being celery knob!) But below this unlikely exterior lies a gem of a vegetable. The flavour is a mild, nutty celery like flavour. It has endless culinary uses, making a silky soup, it is superb in stews, can be mashed with potatoes or puréed (which is divine with scallops). Cut into matchsticks it can be eaten raw in coleslaw or remoulade and used in any recipe calling for celery.

The multiple health benefits of celeriac are so impressive it could give any super-food a run for its money, and if this list of attributes was not enough to satisfy you, it can also be kept in the bottom of the fridge for up to 4 months, humbly waiting to please. Available from any supermarket, it is a great veg to have at the festive table. Cut into wedges and roast with your parsnips or make a creamy soup to start your Christmas feast.


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Celariac - Sophie Conran