May 17: Watercress


Watercress, that dark green, semi aquatic, peppery plant, is surprisingly hard to define – falling into the vegetable, herb and salad leaf categories. The other thing that is surprising about watercress is that it is spectacularly good for you with health benefits that will blow you away, in fact, I recommend you rush off and Google it immediately! Hippocrates (the father of medicine) was well aware of its abundant health properties, building his first hospital near a stream bountiful with the stuff and ensuring his patients had a constant supply. Once you have looked it up and are convinced you need to have on the dinner table at least twice a week you can toss it into salads, fold it into omelettes, tarts, risottos, whizz with fresh juices, add it into your sandwiches, chop it into homemade mayonnaise, make into pesto or scatter it on your pizza. It goes particularly well with salmon and roast beef, game, smoked fish and makes a brilliantly green and delicious soup.

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