Three Citrus Marmalade

Three Citrus Marmalade

4 oranges
2 grapefruit
2 lemons
2kg granulated sugar
A 30cm square of muslin string
Grease proof paper
Jam jars
4 small plates (for testing when the marmalade is done)


Pre-heat the oven to 70°C, 50°C Fan, 150°F.

Warm the sugar in a bowl and place in the oven until needed.

Put 2 litres water in a large pan on a low heat.

Cut the fruit in half and squeeze the juice through a sieve into the pan.

Lay the muslin over a bowl and put all the pips and pulp into it, don’t waste any of the pith as it contains the pectin which makes your marmalade set.

Cut the peel in half again and remove the insides and extra pith to the muslin, tie the muslin into a bag and lower into the pan tying to the handle so you can remove easily later.

Cut all the skin into strips as you like (I prefer mine fine and short) and add to the pan.

Bring to a gentle boil, simmer uncovered for 2 hours, or until it should reduces by almost half and the peel is soft.

Wash and dry your jam jars. Cut discs out of the grease proof paper that are a little smaller than the neck of each jar.

To test that the zest is soft by take a few bits out, cool and squeeze with your fingers.

Remove the bag of pith to a plate to cool and set aside, reduce the heat. Pop the jars into the oven and put 4 of your smallest plates into the freezer.

Stir in the sugar and keep the marmalade from boiling, stir until the sugar has all dissolved.

Squeeze the liquid out of the muslin bag into the pan and stir.

If the bag is still too hot to use your hands, squeeze it between two bowls.

Turn up the heat and once it reaches a fast boil start timing, being careful it doesn’t boil over, after 15 minutes spoon a teaspoon of the mixture onto a cold plate.

Allow to cool and then test by pushing with your finger – it should be like jelly.

If it’s not set, try again in five minutes and repeat until you have your desired consistency.

Turn off the heat, remove any scum with a metal spoon and allow to settle for 20 minutes before ladling into your warm jars and topping with the discs of grease proof paper.

Seal, allow to cool and then label.

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Three Citrus Marmalade
Three Citrus Marmalade
Three Citrus Marmalade
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Three Citrus Marmalade

Three Citrus Marmalade